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Bring Your Business On Blockchain

From our Sold out November event "Bring Your Business On Blockchain [ Expert Panel]". We now have the recording of the event up on youtube.

Event went very well, and this should give some interesting insights for any business looking to get into blockchain field.

Video of Event HERE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

One of the biggest questions that we get is, how do I implement blockchain for my company?

How can business in my industry (logistics, healthcare, insurance, finance, etc) take actionable steps to integrate block chain?

What is value of blockchain for my business, and how can I take advantage of it?

You can expect to meet innovators and adopters in the blockchain space sharing their thoughts and ideas on the future. Many are launching ICOs, programming smart contracts and building out companies on blockchain.

To answer this and many other questions in the same vein, we will be bringing a panel of blockchain experts who will share their experience with building out blockchain projects. They will share the ways to integrate it, what process you need in place to consider blockchain for your company.

This event should be very valuable for anyone looking to implement blockchain technology in their company.

Our Panel:

Dr. Michael Yuan

PHD in Astrophysics

Chief Scientist, Cyber Miles Foundation & Emerging Tech Investor

CyberMiles Foundation building the next generation blockchain and “master token” for e-commerce.

He is an author of 6 books on software development and hacking.

Michael is also writing a book titled “Code is law: a developer’s guide to the blockchain” to be published by Addison-Wesley in Q4 2017.

Michael is a venture investor, an entrepreneur, and has extensive experience in software engineering and Open Source.

Nick Walker

Blockchain Project and Research Lead http://www.BlockchainDriven.comTeam Lead

Nick Walker is a blockchain expert, with over 3 years of involvement in the space. He currently works on a number of projects in blockchain as a Research and Project Team Lead where he frequently collaborates with the Blockchain Research Institute and Harvard Professor/author Don Tapscott.

As a part of Blockchain Driven implementation team he oversaw a variety of projects and is a frequent contributor to He was also a contributor and editor on Blockchain Applications in Finance book by Peter Borovych.

Morgan Hill
Managing Partner and Head of Operations
AxionV - AI Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund

Morgan Hill is an innovator in Blockchain tech who first discovered Bitcoin in 2011, helping to conceptualize one of the first online trading crypto currency platforms associated with coinFX, enabling everyone from regular people to institutional funds to trade Bitcoin like a commodity or currency. Subsequent developments included work on the theoretical framework of a Blockchain exchange and order management system.

He is currently a managing partner at AI Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund, AxionV. He’s blockchain insights have been mentioned in Fortune, Inside Bitcoins, Yahoo Finance and has spoken at numerous conferences on ICO and Blockchain Innovation.

Morgan is a founding partner of Pharon Capital LLC, a multi-strategy investment fund with over $1B worth of deals annually. As an experienced financier, he has been involved in large deals in several industries over the past 10 years.